Current students

Maya Barkon  MSc     An information theoretic perspective on neural networks
Shuki Eizner  MSc     Biological reinforcement learning and control
Baruch Epstein  PhD     Multi-task learning and prior knowledge in deep learning
Yuval Harel  PhD     Neural encoding for estimation and control
Ron Amit MSc     Prior Knowledge in in learning via top-down effects
Dror Freirich  PhD     Transfer learning for dynamical systems
Eyal Yaakobi  MSc     Exploration in deep neural networks


Graduated since 2008

  • Orly Avner (MSc, Spike Train Decoding of Analog Signals with a Biologically Inspired Encoding Scheme)
  • Efrat Barak (MSc, A model for “what” and “where” in the cortex))
  • Omer Bobrowski (MSc, Real Time Spike Train Decoding by Neural Networks)
  • Dotan Di Castro (PhD, Aspects of Actor Critic Learning: Theory and Experiments)
  • Yedidyah Dordek (MSc, Extracting grid characteristics from spatially distributed place cell inputs)
  • Nir Even-Chen (MSc, Intrinsic modeling of repetitive time series with application for analysis of event-related potentials)
  • Alon Hazan (MSc, Learning and attention in recurrent neural networks)
  • Reuven Horon (MSc, Representation issues in recurrent neural networks)
  • Gil Litichever (MSc, Multi Model Bayesian Reinforcement Learning)
  • Daniel Soudry (PhD, Neurons: from biophysics to functionality)
  • Aviv Tamar (MSc, Integrating Partial Model Knowledge in Model Free RL Algorithms)
  • Ehud Trainin (PhD, The joint action of biomechanics and neural control)
  • Dmitry  Volkinshtein (MSc, Existence and Feasibility of a Forward Model in Motor Control)
  • Avner Wallach (PhD, Closed loop control of neural systems)
  • Steve Yaeli (MSc, Optimal Neural Encoding – Mathematical Foundations and Biological Implications)
  • Rani Zananiri (MSc, Optimal Encoding in Sensory Systems)